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Over five decades, the DSI brand and name has become renowned for providing a unique and exceptional customer experience in freezing and handling technology. We are committed to delivering our brand promise to our customers - performance you can rely on. This is built on our brand values of technology excellence, reliability and collaboration, which we practice at all levels of our business.

DSI is the global market leader in developing, designing and manufacturing exclusive automatic plate freezers and handling equipment in order to freeze fish, seafood, meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables, animal food, liquids & fluids as well as ready meals. We are acknowledged and highly regarded as the most reliable and trusted brand in the industry with thousands of installations worldwide.

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DSI provide solutions, not just machinery, by implementing our knowledge, expertise and innovative vision in each product. We combine machinery with product development and process design to give your business an effective freezing and handling solution. Our customers include some of the worlds leading refrigeration and processing companies as well as end users across all food and beverage industries. 

We take the responsibility as the global market leader very seriously and through unmatched quality, a unique product mix, empowered employees, world-class manufacturing and systems as well as professional standards we place the customer at the heart of everything we do. Always working closely and individually with our customers ensuring customized freezing solutions suited your specific needs and requirements.

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DSI is the only supplier of all-in-one freezing and handling solutions and our equipment set a high standard for unique customer experience. We constantly aim to strengthen our position by working closely with our customers and making sure we have the ability to understand and fulfill all customer needs. Our solutions are designed to maximize customer product quality by increasing freshness, revenue, processing time, and efficiency. At the same time, our plate freezing technology focuses on minimizing food waste, in general, addressing an overall global food issue. 

Horizontal and vertical double contact plate freezers are characterized by reliability, safety, and ergonomic design with a high capacity of block or tray freezing. Large quantities of food pass through the freezers every day, where food, beverages or bi-products are loaded, frozen, unloaded and packaged with our handling equipment. All our solutions are approved for contact with human food and you can find them all over the world for e.g. large super trawlers and fishing vessels, slaughterhouses and manufacturing companies or at warehouses, factories and cold stores.  

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Company History

Having started out with manufacturing steel components since 1969, after five decades of experience, DSI Freezing Solutions is now the global leader in plate freezing and handling solutions for both human and animal consumption. Since 1997 we have dedicated all our efforts into manufacturing high-quality plate freezers designed in accordance with customer specifications, built with care and attention to details and testing standard components. Over the years we have performed thousands of projects and installations worldwide and much of our success can be assigned to our mission of always keeping our customer in mind.

During the last few years, DSI has taken new steps to continue our growth and ambitious development plans by partnering up with the Nordic based Private Equity Fund, Procuritas in 2017 as well as taking over our longtime handling partner Erlinord. Continued focus on organic growth, product innovation and customer service combined with our impeccable quality, highly automated production plants and quality processes have made DSI the first all-in-one supplier of complete freezing and handling solutions.

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A/S Dybvad Stål Industri was founded in 1969 in Dybvad, Denmark. At that time, we concentrated on manufacturing steel components until 1979 when the first plate freezer was produced. In 1997 a decision was made to devote production exclusively to plate freezers and steel component manufacturing was discontinued.

Since then we have directed all our efforts into manufacturing double contact plate freezers characterized by reliability, safety, and ergonomic design. We optimize the operating performance and overall economy of our freezers on an ongoing base with one clear aim in mind - to ensure that our plate freezers always live up to the changing needs of our customers.

In May 2017 DSI partnered up with the Nordic based Private Equity Fund, Procuritas as well as taking over our longtime handling partner Erlinord. And with product and technology leadership DSI is now regarded as the most reliable and trusted brand in the industry as well as the only all-in-one supplier of complete freezing and handling solutions. 

Over the years DSI has been expanding and today we employ more than 125 people at our locations in Dybvad and Vejle. We constantly seek new opportunities and keep enhancing our performance and in this process, a decision of changing our visual identity, profile and name were made, now introducing DSI Freezing Solutions A/S. 


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As a global brand and name, our products and solutions are used across all industries on every continent, making the whole world our market. Our customers include some of the worlds leading refrigeration and processing companies but we are also proud of our excellent, ongoing collaboration with some of the worlds largest food and beverages manufacturing companies.

We work closely with end-users in order to ensure that our solutions fulfill market demands and customer needs and as the first provider on the market, we now offer you the opportunity to test your products in advance making sure that our plate freezing solution is the right solution for your project. 

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