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DSI Aftersales & Service department ensures a high level of service, efficient maintenance and operational reliability for your DSI plate freezers and handling equipment. 

We meet our customers needs - all over the world. And that applies to every service we provide, to those who use our technology. We offer our customers rapid and effective support in case of urgent needs or as part of maintenance and service contracts.

Plate freezer service
Aftersales & service

DSI your service partner

With DSI as your service partner, you are guaranteed an ongoing service, maintenance, repair, high-quality spare parts and your own service contract. We provide a complete service solution and spare part kit always customized for your needs.

Spare parts plate freezer
Aftersales & service

10% Off spare parts & hours

Get your own service contract and save 10% on spare parts and work hours. We ensure high operational reliability and minimize the risk of equipment downtime.

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Aftersales & service

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Please send all inquiries for spare parts and service to our mail service@dsi-as.com or call directly on phone +45 21 15 42 99.

When ordering spare parts or a service check please remember to include freezer type and number as well as project description of handling equipment.

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