Bin filling

Ergonomic and high-quality loading

DSI offers bin filling systems for loading vertical plate freezers. This is highly customized handling equipment where flexibility and productivity go hand in hand to ensure fast and simple loading procedures with a focus on high levels of system durability and performance

As the market leader in handling technology, we offer you the most optimal and innovative solutions for bin and container filling systems. Our customized bin filling units are made of stainless steel AISI304 and they load your freezers in big boxes or containers in order to avoid contamination. A gear-driven unit moves forward and backward with a 4” loading tube to ensure that the food or liquid is evenly distributed in the freezer. Our products are designed and developed to correctly dose the product and to return to the starting position when done. DSI also offers units for automatic cleaning of the loading system. 

The bin filling units are connected with a crane rail construction made of hot-galvanized steel. The filling bins are placed in a docking station with a scale system for each loading bin. The operator can change the amount of weight in the tub and the scale system is ethernet-based.

Our engineering teams have an innovative approach to system design and problem-solving, and they provide you with high-quality solutions for unique and customized bin filling systems. We offer innovative machinery solutions that fulfil all your requirements and specifications. We are continuously working to advance and improve our designs to offer you an even better competitive edge and the most efficient and technologically advanced filling systems available today.

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Bin filling
DSI Bin filling

Advantages of our bin filling systems

  • High levels of performance and operational safety
  • Flexibility with regards to different sizes and formats
  • Easy and cost-effective loading solutions
  • Improvement of efficiency and damage free performance
  • Reduction of manual labor and injuries
  • High-quality, innovative machinery
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