Forklift grab

Easy, professional unloading

Forklift grabs are ideal for small-scale production volumes for block freezing and a safe, flexible and cost-effective unloading solution for plate freezers.

Specially designed for moving frozen blocks of fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, liquids or offal for pet food, DSI recommends the use of our forklift grab for fast and easy unloading in places where installation of a crane frame is not possible. Our customized handling solutions offer a reduction of manual labor and increased production.

The grab is made of stainless steel AISI304 and it has been globally approved for use with food for humans. Our products can be fitted onto any conventional forklift truck and is manually operated. With this system, you can unload all the solid, frozen blocks from your freezer in just one go, and this is a very cheap and easy method. It is time to reduce heavy lifting with an easy and cost-effective unloading solution from DSI.

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forklift grab
DSI Forklift grab

Advantages of our forklift grab

  • Easy moving
  • Cheap and efficient handling solutions
  • High-quality solution
  • Manually operated
  • Safe, flexible and cost-effective unloading solutions
  • All parts that come into direct contact with food for humans have been globally approved for such use
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