Stretch wrapper

Protection and automation

DSI offers safe and highly automatic wrapping and packaging of frozen blocks pallets through superior and unrivaled stretch wrappers that are designed to match all your handling needs. Use our stretch wrappers to maximize efficiency and equipment longevity.

Automated stretch wrappers get the packaging done efficiently, ensuring the highest possible level of protection for your frozen blocks of fish, meat, fruit, liquid or pet food. Through customized automation, our stretch wrappers reduce product loss during storage and transit, minimize machine costs and manual handling, and improve productivity. 

The capacity depends on the wrapping pattern, pallet height, number of wraps and conveyor speed but our systems can do up to 50 pallets per hour. You can choose between standard and customized wrapping programs.

Our stretch wrappers secure the palletized stacks with stretch folio or in poly bags. They feature a robust, sectionally welded steel plate construction with an option for stainless steel, and they are fully automated and electrically and pneumatically operated. The wrapper is made of painted steel and can be upgraded with stainless steel floor supports, stainless steel bearings and shafts. The wrapper is surrounded by a fence to ensure maximum safety. You can add a metal detector to detect metal in the blocks before packaging.

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stretch wrapper
DSI Stretch wrapper

Advantages of our stretch wrapper

  • Automatic wrapping and packaging of frozen blocks
  • Reduced manual handling and working hours
  • Forks are covered with PEHD or aluminium
  • Fully automatic wrapping
  • Ensures a high level of safety
  • All parts that come into direct contact with food for humans have been globally approved for such use
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