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Fish and seafood play a major role in the market growth based on the rising demand for healthy high-protein food, and proper freezing is essential for protecting the health, safety and quality of the fish and seafood throughout the process.

At DSI Freezing Solutions, we have many years of experience working with customers like you and we have a profound know-how about fish and seafood. We know that catching fish is not just a business – it is also your passion, your livelihood and your calling. Surely, it is important for you to provide your customers with the purest, freshest and best-tasting fish and seafood.

DSI has pioneered many new freezing solutions and we take great pride in being the worldwide leading manufacturer of freezing and handling equipment for fish and seafood. We offer complete freezing solutions for the seafood industry and all our products have been developed using our vast knowledge and experience, enabling us to design and manufacture highly efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable plate freezers that can freeze large quantities of fish and seafood rapidly and consistently. All our products are reliable, durable and hygienic. Using our products ensures that your fish and seafood is protected and treated as carefully and sustainably as possible, and that your customers continuously get the quality that they expect.

Check our large product portfolio, find your individual freezing solution and start enjoying a long range of advantages, including savings on man-hours and energy consumption, yield optimization, short freezing times and enhancement of the appearance, aroma and taste of your fish and seafood products. In the long run, you will notice that these advantages have improved your business and increased customer loyalty.


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