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Enjoy fresh food from any part of the world all year round with plate freezing technology from DSI. In our modern society, frozen fruits and vegetables make up a large and important food group.

Healthier lifestyles based on more consumption of fruit and vegetables are becoming increasingly popular and consumers are looking for variety and most of all freshness in these foods. Freezing is one of the oldest and most widely used methods of food preservation which allows preservation of taste, texture and nutritional value in fruit and vegetables better than any other method. Freezing is generally regarded as superior to canning and dehydration. 

However, fruit and vegetables are delicate products that require gentle handling. Without proper freezing, these products spoil rapidly or become contaminated. Plate freezing technology guarantees a high and uniform product quality, a low risk of product contamination and an energy-saving freezing method for freezing large amounts of fruit or vegetables. DSI offers highly efficient, hygienic and reliable freezers and equipment, and our products have been developed with a focus on food safety along with innovation, service and value creation. Together we can contribute to a completely conscious and healthy food lifestyle. Correct freezing of fruit and vegetables is essential in order to create delicious, fresh and safe products for your end-users, and that is our first priority.

Find your individual freezing solution below and enhance the appearance, aroma and taste of your high-quality fruit and vegetables.


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