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Currently, the markets for drinkable liquids and other fluids are experiencing a dynamic growth and manufacturers of fruit juices, soft drinks, drinking water, dairy and milk products are dependent on liquid-tight freezing solutions. DSI helps you export frozen liquids and other fluids worldwide.

At DSI Freezing Solutions, we have a profound know-how about liquids and other fluids and we are certain that your priority is to offer qualitative and tasty products to your end-users. We develop innovative freezing and handling solutions for manufacturing and preparation of juices, syrups, soft drinks, drinking water, milk, concentrates and many other similar products. Block freezing technology is liquid-tight and very easy to install and maintain, and it enables you to benefit from significantly lower operating costs while achieving a production of the highest possible quality. Our equipment and solutions ensure reliable, hygienic production as well as efficient high volume freezing, fully complying with the strictest global standards for hygienic applications.

We offer customized and advanced freezing solutions with flexible and moveable blocks that allows for easy handling and transportation, and by using our systems, you can export your drinkable liquids and other fluids fast and efficiently across the world without ruining the nutritional value or natural characteristics of your products. Take a closer look at our block freezing solutions below.


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