Large volume freezing

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The pet food industry is continuously growing and features a large but highly demanding market where the quality aspect is becoming increasingly important as pets are now considered just as eligible for good-quality food as humans. If you would like to strengthen your position by choosing to plate freeze your products for pet food, your options for improvement are endless and include large volume freezing as well as creation of maximum value and preservation of healthy products for our pets.

At DSI Freezing Solutions, we have profound know-how about the pet food industry, and we are certain that your priority is to offer qualitative, safe and healthy products. DSI is considered a specialist in the pet food industry and we work with the largest and fastest-growing suppliers for the industry as well as manufacturers and brands worldwide.

When freezing by-products, you can choose between a long range of freezing solutions. Our vertical plate freezers are innovative and cost-effective, they reduce downtime and they secure higher profits. We focus on product safety, efficiency and flexibility, and our block freezing technology meets the stringent global requirements of the pet food industry. Take a look at our plate freezing solutions below.


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