Large volume freezing

Preserve purity and quality

The pet food industry is continuously growing and if you choose to freeze your pet food the opportunities are endless; large volume freezing and storage as well as the creation of maximum value and preservation of healthy meals for our pets.

We know pet food and we know that it is important for you to provide qualitative, safe and healthy meals. DSI is considered a frozen pet food specialist and you will find our solutions worldwide partnering up with the largest and fastest growing pet food manufacturers and brands.

When freezing pet food the opportunities are unlimited. Our vertical plate freezers are innovative and cost-effective and will reduce downtime and higher profits. We focus on food safety, efficiency and flexibility and our block freezing technology meet the stringent requirements of the current pet food market.

There has been an increase in premium pet food products - with ‘natural’, ‘raw’ and ‘organic’ food on the rise. Make sure to choose one of DSIs freezing and handling solutions in order to meet all premium requirements. See our vertical freezing solutions below.


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