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Convenience foods and pre-cooked meals are becoming an indispensable part of modern food and our modern lifestyle where we have more money to spend and less time to cook. Tray freezing technology guarantees you rapid freezing of large volumes of ready meals, ensuring high-quality products and less food waste.

At DSI Freezing Solutions, we have a profound know-how about ready meals and convenience food, and we know that consumer demands for a higher product quality and a better taste are continuously increasing.

Our horizontal freezers are ideal for in-line process freezing of packed products in cartons or freezing trays and we provide customized and advanced solutions that meet the needs of modern consumers, optimizing your yield, throughput and product quality at the same time. DSI designs efficient, flexible, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable freezing solutions for all types of food. 

When choosing to freeze your ready meals, you use packaging with no compression for a much nicer product. Our freezers are space-efficient and highly automatic, and they offer you endless possibilities. Find your horizontal freezing solution below.


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