DSI reviews the Australian meat market
January 18, 2019

DSI reviews the Australian meat market

Rising exports are causing Australian food manufactures to renew their production lines. Providing Danish suppliers of process and freezing equipment with great potential. Interview with DSI Sales Manager, Nicolai Rasmus Jensen.

The Australian food market is as large as Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland combined. Although the country also produces beverages and dairy products, the predominantly industry is meat. "Australia has a strong meat tradition. They want red beef, lamb, sheep and goat, and as their exports increase, the need to freeze is also greater, ”says Nicolai Rasmus Jensen, who has worked with the Australian market for a number of years. “The market has discovered the importance of automating and streamlining processes. That is why the Australian producers are keen on getting new inspiration. This creates great potential for the Danish suppliers who have expertise and technology to meet current requirements, ”he explains. Despite the fact that Australia has produced its own food for generations, the experience is that the technology within process equipment is lagging behind Europe. Many manufacturers use machinery that is old, but would like to renew to more modern facilities.

As a Danish company, you have a head start in Australia. “There is good chemistry between Danes and Australians, and this makes it easy to get a relaxed but relevant dialogue with customers. Our dialogues with Australians are always informal but professional - it is very similar to dealing with other Danes, ”says Nicolai Rasmus Jensen. 

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