Great service and reliable quality
October 06, 2020

Great service and reliable quality

What is better than satisfied customers? Badenhop Fleischwerke has a long history collaborating with DSI, and they appreciate the partnership. Badenhop produces pet food and protein powder for animal consumption and the company was founded five generations ago as a slaughterhouse and has continued to grow ever since. Today Badenhop Fleischwerke process over 500 ton of raw material each day.

In order to operate 500 ton a day, Badenhop needs highly reliable machinery, automated handling, and state-of-the-art technology. Downtime is not an option. They recently ordered the fifth complete freezing line from DSI Freezing Solutions. When installed, they will have more than 60 plate freezers in their facilities.

Through the years, we have tested various plate freezers, but we have never found a better supplier than DSI Freezing Solutions. We have partnered with them since the 1980s, and we have always valued their stable level of great service and the reliable quality in each solution. Therefore, we have chosen DSI Freezing Solutions as our permanent supplier of plate freezing solutions.” - Christian Badenhop, CEO, G. Badenhop Fleischwerke KG

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