Outbreak of Covid-19 coronavirus
March 12, 2020

Outbreak of Covid-19 coronavirus

We continue to operate. Separate and safe.

We have now been working through the first two weeks of the partial shutdown of the Danish society. At the same time, large parts of the world have also been shutting down. 

We have spent last week and, indeed a few weeks before that, implementing measures that are fully in line with the recommendations and guidelines provided by the authorities. We continue to ensure a safe working environment for all of our colleagues, and obviously this applies to those who are now working from their homes, but especially to those who are still ensuring the smooth and efficient continuation of our production. 

We have also spent the last week in close contact with those of our customers for whom we are currently carrying out projects with on-going site activities. This to ensure that we cope with current challenges in the best possible way and limit potentially negative effects of the situation to the greatest extent possible.  

Finally, we have spent the time following up on key suppliers to ensure that we will still be able to get the materials and parts required to complete existing orders and to begin work on new orders that will be coming in.

To conclude, we may not currently be able to travel to customer sites, but our production is still running at full speed, and we are still available for the provision of support concerning technical support and spare parts. So don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail, phone or video for any questions you may have. Lines for technical support are also open 24/7.

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