DSI Freezing Solutions wins Danish prize
January 19, 2021

DSI Freezing Solutions wins Danish prize

An investment in a new test center combined with a strong strategy work ethic as well as a global focus on sustainability secures DSI an initiative award.

The Confederation of Danish Industry awards their regional Initiative Prize 2020 goes to DSI Freezing Solutions A/S. In 2020, the company opened a new test facility at their headquarters in Dybvad, Denmark. The test center is open to customers and potential customers from around the world, here they can test and develop their process and product. This initiative is not only great for customers and for the freezing industry. It also cements DSI Freezing Solutions’ role as market leader and knowledge center. 

Another area that ensures DSI Freezing Solutions the award is a strong strategy rearmament. By focusing more broadly on different markets and food applications, DSI Freezing Solutions have spread the risk and are thus less vulnerable when a crisis such as Covid-19, hits the world market.

Last but not least, the Confederation of Danish Industry puts emphasis on DSI Freezing Solution’s work with sustainability and development projects that focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Appropriate to thank our employees 

Lars Priess, CEO at DSI Freezing Solutions states; “We are incredibly proud to receive the Initiative Prize. We see it as a great recognition of our work – both in our everyday life and on a more long-term strategic level. Over the last few years, we have implemented significant changes in our organization, and it is therefore appropriate to thank our employees for the contribution they have made and the readiness for change they have shown in the process”.

The Initiative Prize

The Initiative Prize is awarded as a tribute to initiative, innovative, and creative small and medium-sized companies in Denmark. The winner is a company, that can be highlighted and emerge as a good and inspiring role model for other businesses. There are 18 regional prize winners, who go on to a national competition, where the winner will be announced in March 2021. See the press release in Danish here

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