Minister visit in Dybvad - not a coincidence
April 10, 2019

Minister visit in Dybvad - not a coincidence

When the tax minister speaks at an open house event in Dybvad, focus will not only be on the region, but also on the company that houses the event. In this case, a true Danish business success.

On Monday, April 29th, you will find the name "DSI" in Tax Minister Karsten Lauritzen's calendar. That day, "Albæk Venstreforening" has invited him and former defense minister, Søren Gade, to come and talk about future tax and the upcoming "Brexit" at an open house event for those interested in the area. Housing the event is DSI Freezing Solutions and that choice is probably not random.

"A pat on the back" is well appreciated

CEO Lars Priess is pleased that DSI Freezing Solutions has been chosen as the meeting place for the Minister's visit. “When the minister chooses us to house this event, we see it as one recognition that we as a company have done it well, which is great”. See the whole press release in Danish here

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