Exciting New Re-brand & Logo Launch!
November 05, 2018

Exciting New Re-brand & Logo Launch!

Exciting news! After almost five decades, DSI is releasing an updated visual identity including new logo and a new graphic design.

With a new name comes a new look and DSI Freezing Solutions is proud to present our new visual identity. The new logo, design and colors are our way of graphically expressing the change that has affected DSI in recent years - a visual upgrade and modernization of our logo and design in a newer and more modern way. Contributing to positioning DSI as a strong market leader, the new visual identity match our drive and wish for development.  

Our new logo is simple, proud and meaningful. The name is typed in classic writing and cut through the middle by four horizontal lines, which very concrete illustrates our traditional core product, plate freezers. The look appears timeless and durable, even in 20 or 50 years. The new visual identity is designed to express and support a common direction across application areas and geography. 

Certain things will, however, stay the same: Our dedication to plate freezing and handling solutions will remain and so will the quality. These will continue to be top priorities for us, as we understand the importance of reliability, maximum equipment availability and overall operational efficiency.

We hope you will welcome our new visual identity and that you will experience benefits from our increased focus on applications and a stronger global footprint.

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