Plate freezing for fishing trawlers and vessels
January 11, 2021

Plate freezing for fishing trawlers and vessels

Stay at sea longer, become more efficient and reduce your production costs with plate freezing solutions for offshore fish factories

Inside a fishing trawler is an intricate network of machinery that processes and freezes the trawler’s catch with great speed. Huge, floating fish factories that work the high seas, process and freeze their catch instantaneous, making sure the fish and seafood is preserved quickly in order to maintain quality and shelf life. Without the ability to freeze fish on the spot, trawlers have to return to land, regardless of whether the hold is full or not. Travelling back and forth is highly inefficient, which is why freezing at sea allows trawlers to remain at sea longer, making them much more efficient and ultimately reducing production costs.

We work with some of the largest fishing factories and vessels around the world, and we know how dependent you are on quality processing equipment on board - since downtime is not an option for you. With a plate freezing solution from DSI, you are guaranteed fast and efficent freezing, with high quality machinery, always customized your needs and the harsh environment surrounding you.  

Contact us today and learn more about our customized plate freezing solutions for fishing trawlers and vessels. We are ready for an informal talk about your challenges and possibilities.

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