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Flexibility and productivity merge in "one" with automatic loading systems for horizontal plate freezers. The operation is made fast and simple with easy loading. Combined with great capacity, you will boost your every day productivity

Whether you are batch freezing or process freezing continuously, DSI offers high quality loading systems for your horizontal plate freezers. Advanced loading equipment and conveyor systems empty and refill your freezers reducing manual labor and operational costs. Placing trays, cartons or boxes in your freezer, DSI loading systems will make your life easier offering shorter working hours, improved productivity and using state-of-the-art handling technology.

We know horizontal freezers and we customize the loading solution especially for your individual plate freezer. The construction is hot galvanized or stainless steel approved for use with human food, and the performance has great influence on the total productivity and utilization of the equipment. The operation is reliable, quick and accurate.

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loading horizontal
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The loading horizontal system has a number of advantages

  • Extra strong hot-dip galvanised steel construction
  • Maximum strength and easy cleaning
  • Fully automatic loading equipment
  • Increase productivity and reliability
  • Reduce labor costs, damage and capital
  • All parts in contact with human food have obtained approval for such use
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