Moving pump

Efficient and advanced loading

Improving the loading process of vertical plate freezers by reducing manual handling and providing technologically advanced handling equipment with moving pumps from DSI.

DSI focus on ergonomics and innovation when offering fully automatic or manual self-driving pumps with tanks for food or liquid. Movable pumps are mounted in a floor rail system and drive back and forth while filling one freezing compartment at a time. A rotatable filling arm pumps food in vertical plate freezers reducing manual labor and operation costs. Pumps easily and handles a wide range of sizes, fill volumes and product types. Comes as lamella, screw or cavity pumps. Electrically operated. 

Loading with a moving pump offers great flexibility for a wide range of products both food and liquids. The value of the final product is at the highest and the gentle pumping action of our filling systems which handles your valuable ingredients with a maximum amount of care. Moreover, our moving pumps comply with all hygiene requirements.

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