Pumping pipeline

High quality and automatic loading

The customized pipe system for fast and easy loading of minced food or liquids in vertical plate freezers. Reduce operational costs as well as hours and improve productivity and efficiency

A pipeline pump serves as loading equipment for vertical plate freezers. Minced food or liquid is taken from a silo and distributed through pipelines into valves of a filling arm, which fills the plate freezers. This loading system is perfect when freezing the same kind of foods.

The pipeline system is executed in stainless steel AISI304 with one 4” main pipe. The pipeline comes in smaller sections for easy dismantling and cleaning purposes. The pipes are joined with clamps and you can choose between different arm designs for easy and ergonomic loading. The pipeline is connected to a loading pump with a buffer tank. Flexible pipelines lengths. 

Pipeline systems have a remote system which has to be controlled by an operator. Can accommodate up to 12 Bar. Due to the long routing of the pipe system, you might need booster pumps or air blowing nozzles.

DSI is continuously working to advance and improve our customized designs to give you the most efficient and technologically advanced filling systems available today.

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pumping pipeline
Drawing pumping pipeline by DSI

Customized pumping pipeline systems

  • Easy dismantling and cleaning
  • High filling volumes
  • High operational safety
  • High flexibility and reliability
  • Reduce labor costs and damage
  • Reduce manual handling
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