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Block freezing

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Block freezing is an innovative freezing technology for food and liquids, and a well-established preservation process that maintains high-quality, nutritious food and offers the advantage of a long storage life. This is a fast freezing method that forms small ice crystals and aims to improve product quality through rapid freezing.

Our vertical plate freezers are the ideal and advanced method for freezing fish, seafood, meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables, bi-products, pet food as well as liquids and other fluids. Our technologies guarantee you 24/7 operation, large volume freezing, cost and energy efficiency, less footprint and healthier working conditions.

We offer various product configurations that allow you to optimize capacity and block size.

Get a high return on your investment with block freezers designed to withstand extreme conditions and environments. This is important because in freezing processes, every minute counts, and downtime is not an option. Take a closer look at our complete V series or add handling equipment to your facility in order to reduce production area size, labor force size as well as heavy manual handling. 


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