DSI Unloading solutions for your plate freezer

Improved work efficiency

Now you can reduce manual labor and operational costs with advanced technology and customized unloading solutions from DSI. All our systems are highly professional, safe, flexible and cost-effective.

We offer innovative unloading solutions for your vertical or horizontal plate freezers by means of efficient, automatic unloading equipment which is specially designed to increase functionality and allow high-speed unloading. Our customized systems ensure fast and simple unloading, and our products facilitate a very large capacity, ensuring that you can boost everyday productivity.

You can choose from a wide selection of automatic crane systems, manual cranes, truck grabs or unloading systems for horizontal freezers. We know the importance of having a reliable freezing partner and our products guarantee 24/7 operation, large volume freezing as well as cost- and energy-efficient freezing solutions, less footprint and healthier working conditions.


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