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Tray freezing is among the most advanced freezing methods for food preservation and the best way to preserve a large quantity of nutrients and maximize product quality. Protecting packaging through no compression, DSI offers endless possibilities for freezing in trays, cartons, boxes or frames. Our H and HS series are highly automatic, horizontal plate freezers that provide rapid freezing, high quality and a handling-friendly design. These products are ideal for freezing fish, seafood, meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables and ready meals. 

We know the importance of having a reliable freezing partner and our products guarantee 24/7 operation, large volume freezing as well as cost- and energy-efficient freezing solutions, less footprint and ergonomic working conditions.

Get a high return on your investment with horizontal plate freezers designed to withstand extreme conditions and environments. This is important because in freezing processes, every minute counts, and downtime is not an option. Take a closer look at our H series or add handling equipment to your facility in order to reduce production area size, labor force size as well as heavy manual handling. 

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