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Energy and time-saving technology

Vertical plate freezing is a highly effective bulk freezing method for food and liquids. State-of-the-art technology ensures product preservation as well as time, cost and energy-savings.

When pouring the products down between the vertical plates, it weights down allowing no air in the block – thus speeding up the freezing process. The rapid freezing results in less loss of quality and quantity compared to other freezing methods. This is primarily due to the fact that rapid freezing spares vitamins and minerals and results in less contraction of the product.

Vertical plate freezing is especially suitable for freezing products without or with little pre-handling directly on site. It is often used for block freezing of fish, meat and fruits, but also for sub products such as offal and pet food. As we gain more knowledge about the freezing process, we also see that the vertical plate freezers are used to freeze and transport high value products. This is possible due to the rapid but gentle freezing, that allow our customers to deliver fresh fish, meat and poultry to their business partners who thaw it before packing or processing it.

Unique core point technology

The vertical plate technology affects the total energy costs of any production due to the rapid freezing. These savings can be further increased with our unique core point technology, that measures the core temperature of the product blocks inside the plate freezers and allow you to control and stop the freezing process at the accurate time – rather than relying on an estimate, that is likely to extend the freezing time. Not only does it save energy, it is also time-saving and ensures food safety even further. The technology also enables enhanced documentation of the freezing process for each product.

Simple and ergonomic handling

Our large volume vertical plate freezers are simple to handle and spares time as well as manpower. The freezers are ergonomically designed to spare the workers and to ensure easy cleaning. Furthermore, all our freezers can easily be accompanied by an automatic handling system, e.g. an overhead crane system for unloading.

Development and customization

Our vertical plate freezer-series include four freezers, but each freezer is specially designed to fit the capacity of the customers in terms of space on production site as well as preferred batch weight or size.

To ensure the best possible customer service, we have our own plate freezing test center, where we help customers and potential customers test freeze their products to try the technology and see the results of rapid freezing on each individual product. Combined with calculations and estimates, it is an important element in the business case, but it also provides us with much of the specific knowledge, we need in order to customize the freezer.

We continue to support our customers with support, product development and new technology while developing new solutions. Being a niche company allow us to have strong emphasis on research & development, and we continue to lead the progress of plate freezing technology worldwide.

As a market leader, we also know our responsibility; We want to make sure that our freezing solutions are as effective as possible without affecting the quality of the product. Therefore, we are currently researching to enhance industry knowledge further on the effect of freezing food and liquids in order to ensure healthy and nutritious food to the world population.

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