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Plate freezing technology is a method widely used for food preservation reducing the freezing cycle to only a few hours. The freezing process is one of the most convenient and easiest of food preservation methods for both human and animal consumption allowing preservation of taste, texture and nutritional value. Rapid and efficient freezing solutions from DSI improve your cost and energy efficiency and preserve product quality. 

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DSI leads the way with new freezing technology and provide solutions not just machinery. Our plate freezers always live up to the changing needs of our customers. We combine product development and process design with world class machinery. We have the knowledge, expertise and innovative visions to allow you to perform as efficiently as possible. Each project is custom designed to meet your requirements and consideration is given at the design stage to allow flexibility for future additions, extensions and upgrades as product throughput requirements grow. When choosing a DSI plate freezer or handling equipment you are ensured high technology, great performances, reliability and premium service. 

Freeze large amounts of fish
DSI Freezing Solutions

Large volume

Do you need to freeze large volumes or batches of food? DSI plate freezers are designed for fast, economical freezing of large quantities. Our solutions are not only a cost-effective alternative to traditional freezing methods, but also ensuring a faster processing, higher capacity as well as maximizing product quality.

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DSI is the global leader in fully automatic or manually operated plate freezing solutions and the whole world is our market. Our solutions meet the most rigorous requirements of the food industry and can be used for virtually all freezing applications. At the same time our dedicated approach to the freezing technology as well as understanding customer needs and also offering world class solutions and service, makes DSI your preferred freezing partner. 


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