Automatic robot

Highly advanced robot technology

Our unique robot palletizing system is designed to pallet your frozen blocks simultaneously. This is a highly flexible solution that can handle any pallet size and height and ensures a high degree of automation that reduces manual labor and operating costs.

From semi-automatic robots to fully automatic solutions, DSI offers a large selection of industrial robots for handling frozen blocks of fish, meat, fruit, liquid or pet food. Kawasaki or ABB robots handle 1-3 freezing stations at a time and can place various numbers of layers on the pallets in various patterns. The robot completes 4-6 pickups per minute.

The floor support is made of stainless steel AISI304 and the robot tools are made of aluminum. Equipped with a protective cover to protect the robot arm from the external environment and from water splashes in wet areas, our robots are also surrounded by a fence to ensure a safe working environment for operators. The robot can be programmed to place foil inserts between each layer and add a foam top sheet or to place metal rejected blocks into bins. 

Robotic palletizing is a very flexible solution that provides you with highly advanced technology and a tremendous reduction of manual labor and safety risks. Change the programming of your existing robot and use it for new functions or purposes.

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Automatic robot Explore our
automatic robot
DSI Automatic robot

Advantages of our automatic robot

  • Kawasaki industrial robots
  • Highly advanced robot technology
  • Reduced manual labor and safety risks
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Increased levels of productivity and efficiency
  • All parts that come into direct contact with food for humans have been globally approved for such use
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