Conveyor system

Efficient movement between processes

Customized and cost-effective conveyor systems add value to the packaging procedures, and whether you need a simple conveyor or a sophisticated, electrically driven system, our conveyors increase line efficiency and production between processes. Their main task is to distribute blocks, stacks or pallets within the system.

With a conveyor system from DSI, you gain high levels of performance and quality, and you reduce handling costs for repetitive tasks. Our solutions are based on the most modern technology as we come up with systems that can merge and divert products to create balanced workloads.

Our conveyors are made of stainless steel AISI30, they operate at a speed of 10 m per minute, and you can choose between chain, roller and belt systems. The chains measure 1/2" and are made of stainless steel to ensure long service life. All sprockets are equally made of stainless steel and the conveyor is driven by means of a SEW gear.

A roller conveyor features 89.9 mm rollers and works at a speed of 10 m per minute. The center element is 158 mm. All sprockets are made of stainless steel and chains are nickel-plated.

Our conveyors are generally used to transport frozen blocks between the various functions within the system or plants, or directly to frozen stocks. They can store goods until the next machine needs them, sort or merge them intelligently, and facilitate a number of functions that add value to the order fulfillment process such as packaging and weighing. Supplementary products for both conveyor and transporting systems include scales, foil wrappers, lanes and label printers, block cutters and many other features.

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Conveyor system Explore our
conveyor system
DSI Conveyor system

Advantages of our conveyor system

  • High levels of performance and quality
  • Accumulation without line pressure
  • Reduced handling costs
  • Fully automatic
  • Efficent movement of products between processes
  • All parts that come into direct contact with food for humans have been globally approved for such use
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